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            泰國國家石油股份有限公司(PTT Public Company Limited,簡稱ptt,是泰國政府控股的國家能源和石油化工公司。PTT是一家石油化工一體化的企業,擁有包括3大煉油廠和11家石油化工公司,總部設在泰國首都曼谷。 




            ptt是泰國規模最大的公司之一,也是泰國唯一一家世界500強企業, 2013年排名第84位。









            PTT Public Company Limited or simply PTT is an integrated energy and petrochemical company, conducting its business as national energy company and being listed on the Thai Stock market. PTT is an integrated enterprise including three big oil refineries and 11 affiliated petrochemical companies, headquartered in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

            Formerly known as the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, ptt owns extensive submarine oil and gas resources in Thailand, and is involved in petroleum and gas exploration, production, storage and transportation, petrochemical products refining and processing, and gasoline retailing businesses.

            PTT is one of the largest corporations in the country and also the only company from Thailand listed in Fortune Global 500 companies. The company ranks 81st among top 500 on the Fortune 500 in 2013.

            PTT lubricant is the No.1 in the domestic market share, beyond the other world famous brands in Thailand. Its products sell well in more than 10 countries and regions such as Southeast Asia and Europe.

            Shandong Huihua Import and Export CO., LTD is located in Linyi, the city crowned as logistics center in China. Linyi has well-developed aviation and railway transportation and is adjacent to deep-water ports such as Qingdao and Rizhao, running through by three vertical and three horizontal national highways.

            In 2013, in order to expand lubricant business in China, ptt chose Shandong Huihua Import and Export CO., LTD as the exclusive authorized distributor and strategic partner in China. One behalf of ptt, Huihua is fully in charge of its brand building and market operation in China.

            Up to February 2015, ptt lubricant dealers have covered all provinces except Tibet all over the country, and it marks that ptt lubricant in China has achieved flourish development and mutual benefit by cooperation with Huihua